marketing + PR

A solid plan is the basis of a strong marketing campaign. At Slow Down Co., this plan incorporates all the varied tools at our disposal, interweaving public relations, partnerships, programming and influencer engagement (both industry and social). First, we uncover and define your unique voice through research, competitive landscape analysis and getting to know you as an organization. Next, we work to identify opportunities for growth and outline an overarching direction for the campaign. Finally, we jump into action and begin telling your story in a thoughtful and engaging way.

Best for folks who want the full-service retainer experience. We’ll be in your corner day in and day out, from big picture ideas to nitty gritty execution.


To reference an overly cited fishing proverb, sometimes the best marketing strategy is one you implement yourself. Guided, Slow Down’s training program, provides the tools and resources needed to empower small businesses to manage their own marketing and communications.

The four month program kicks off with brand positioning, ensuring the message your brand shares is the one that’s heard. We’ll build out the necessary press materials and initiate a marketing campaign. Next, we’ll start an intensive training program inclusive of integrated public relations, marketing strategy, partnerships and programming. Upon “graduation,” Slow Down Co. will provide ongoing counsel and quarterly check-ins.

Best for teams who are on top of their inbox and want to save marketing dollars with a DIY approach. We promise we won’t push you from the nest until you have the tools to sustainably market your business.


We create immersive experiences that inspire real human connection, beyond the transaction, while driving objectives forward. Whether it be an over the top 60’s inspired dinner party, a funeral commemorating a name change or large-scale salad-fueled store launch, we aim to playfully foster memorable impact.

Best for marketing teams who want to engage consumers in a meaningful way. From ideation to event execution, we’ve got it covered with budget in line.