Slow Down Co. is a marketing agency that takes a thoughtful approach to storytelling.

Incorporating communications, brand strategy and event production, we work alongside food & beverage, lifestyle and hospitality clients to cultivate their voice and identity.

Current and former clients include:
All Together Now, Apologue Liqueur, Chicago Style, Elske, Eye Eaters Society, Heritage Bikes & Coffee, Hopewell Brewing Co., IMG, Leisure Activities, Ludlow Liquors, Metric Coffee, Stock Mfg., sweetgreen and Young American.


jenna liberman

founder & strategy lead

From a young age, Jenna found herself drawn to the chaos of the kitchen, but quickly found she was better suited to stay out. As such, a career in marketing and communications was born. Jenna brings a fresh and honest approach to storytelling and creating compelling brand experiences. When not talking about food, Jenna enjoys drinking mezcal, urban hiking and connecting people. Follow along at @jennaliberman.